Rubio and Cruz pledge to end net neutrality

TCMRRepublican presidential hopefuls Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have decided to celebrate the one year anniversary of the FCC’s net neutrality rules by trying to kill them.

Cruz and Rubio have joined six other Senators in pushing the new Restoring Internet Freedom Act  which would dismantle the rules, change the FCC’s Title II reclassification of ISPs as common carriers, and prevent the FCC from trying to pass net neutrality rules in the future.

Of course this is of no benefit to the American consumer, just the big corporate telcos, so in cause you think that Rubio and Cruz might be anti-establishment types, this sort of action means that they are probably the same corporate puppets as everyone else.

In a statement posted to the Rubio website, the Presidential hopeful states the new law is necessary because the FCC’s “burdensome” net neutrality rules are destroying innovation, diversity, and network investment:quote:

“The Internet has always been one of the best models of the free market. There are low barriers to entry, back and forth communication between consumers and providers, and a rapid evolution of ideas. “Through burdensome regulations and tight control like the net neutrality rule, the government only hinders accessibility and the diversity of content,” added Rubio. “Consumers should be driving the market, and we can help by encouraging innovation, incentivizing investment, and promoting the competitive environment this industry needs.”

Of course that implies that the US telecom market is free, which it is not.  In best cases it is a duopoly and the rules are hardly enforced so are not exactly “burdensome”. Comcast is using usage caps and zero rating to violate neutrality and give their own services an advantage against Netflix.

So basically it looks like the only consumer protection laws that the US has won in the last decade against corporations will be rolled back if either of these two gets elected.