Rich people are using more devices

Windows 10People in mature markets who can afford it are likely to own three to four devices by 2018, according to a Gartner survey.

In 2016, the market research company said, the installed base of devices will amount to 7.8 billion units, whether they be wearables, phones, tablets or PCs. Gartner estimates that figure will rise to 8.3 billion units the following year.

Breaking it down, Gartner thinks that over 740 million wearables will be in use next year, uup 20 percent from 2015. And some of these will record heart rates, blood pressure, sleep patterns and steps strode. There will be applications that will register emotions with corporations auto-analysing voices.

And with its crystal ball firmly in front of it, Gartner said by 2019 a third of people using PCs will use speech or gestures to work their machines.

In that year, 60 percent of the total PC installed base will be using Windows 10 and Gartner expects many of them to use a combination of gesture and voice.