Researchers make mushroom inside battery

Portobello-MushroomsA team of researchers has been growing mushrooms in lithium-ion batteries to make them last longer – not just any mushroom they have to be portabella.

Engineers and material scientists at the University of California, Riverside used portabellas to create a longer lasting battery.

The new lithium-ion battery features anodes made of portabella mushrooms. In addition to being more durable, they’re also more inexpensive and environmentally friendly. Portabellas are easy to grow so the anodes are simple to produce.

The mushrooms are seen as a replacement for graphite. Graphite is costly and its production process is slow and harmful to the environment. Mushrooms attracted scientists because they’re extremely porous and rather tasty.

Graphite degrades over time as the result of electrode damage, the high concentration of potassium salt in portabellas improves the material’s electrode capacity.