Reality war virtually hotting up

virtual_0Samsung, Oculus and HTC are gearing up for a war on reality, well at least a virtual one.

Samsung has already launched its second-generation Gear VR device, priced at $99.99 globally along with a handheld controller, the rink, supporting the Gear VR by enriching its functionality.

HTC, which claimed earlier that 2016 will be marked as the initial year for its VR business operations, announced recently that it will begin receiving pre-sale orders for its HTC Vive in February and start delivering the device in April.

While Oculus has been taking pre-sale orders for its Oculus Rift since January 7, the vendor has yet to announce the availability of the VR device but it should be out soon.

As the three go head to head it looks like Samsung will be first out of the gate in terms of sales volume due to the price advantage of the Gear VR. Oculus and HTC are more likely to compete neck and neck for a while.

The Rift has the advantage as it supports Windows 10 and the Xbox. It is also focused on digital game applications. Gear VR is being used to support Samsung’s smartphones which is an interesting but much smaller market.

HTC is currently leading its VR rivals in hardware production, particularly the laser sensor incorporated in the device and the two joysticks for extra control for various applications, indicated the sources. In the end HTC might take control of the business VR sector.
The main driver for wide scale adoption of the technology is likely to be the software which is lacking. There are just so many times you can play demo software before it gets old hat.