Quanta predicts flat notebook sales

Apple watchGiant Taiwanese original design manufacturer (ODM) Quanta doesn’t see sales of notebooks in 2015 being anything other than flat.

Quanta is one of three or four manufacturers who build notebooks for the so-called “white box” market and for multinationals which rebrand them under their own name.

Recently, Quanta has diversified into selling X86 servers direct to large companies building data centres.

But, according to a report in the Taipei Times, while business is brisk in some sectors, it will ship the same number of notebooks this year but they’ll be low priced notebooks rather than margin rich high end machines.

Quanta’s other business lines including making watches and 12-inch Macbooks for Cupertino-based outfit Apple.

It is investigating making wearable tech but is also diversifying into other sectors including the internet of things and cloud computing technologies, as well as the automotive sector.