Putin’s porkies caught out by social media

russianDaft Russian soldiers are proving that the glorious Russian Tsar Vladimir Putin is telling lies about his country’s involvement in the military conflict in the Ukraine.

However while Putin is telling anyone who will listen that Russian troops are not really helping Russian rebels fight off the government of Ukraine, he forgot to tell his soldiers.

According to Vice Russian soldiers on the Ukraine battlefields have been tweeting their locations and posting selfie pictures.

A recent report by the Atlantic Council think-tank used open source information and social media to find evidence of Russian troops across the border. We say open source information, but that makes it look harder than it actually was. In fact they looked at Facebook pages of Russian soldiers.

One Russian soldier could be tracked to key battlefields in Ukraine. Of course he could just be there on holiday and forgotten to pack anything other than his combat fatigues. Of course he could not leave his gun behind could he?

Still it goes to show why Tsar Putin hates the Internet almost as much as he hates homosexuals. It is nearly impossible to lie to your people when they can get the facts themselves.