Print 3D things in your office

Zortrax Inventure 3D printerA firm said that it will introduce a 3D printer that’s small enough to make things in your office.

Zortrax said its Inventure printer reproduces features in high quality 3D devices.

It includes a closed casing, double heads, easy replacement of cartridges and a 130x130x120 working area.

CEO Rafal Tomasiak, who also helped design the printer, said that Inventure was created to suit office space, such as architectural studios.

He said that while engineers, designers and architects are core users of 3D printers, his company also gets inquiries from both the medical and automotive industries.

The printer will use a thermoplastic substance which is suitable for both prototypes and final objects with quality close to products created with injection mold technology.

Zortrax did not indicate how much the 3D printer will cost.