Press and politicians suckered by fake Isis encryption

laughing-camelDeath cult the Islamic state is having a good chuckle after it convinced the main stream media and politicians that it had developed an app which encrypted messages so that intelligence agencies could not read them.

The news was treated as a fact by the mainstream media and created a wave of concern from politicians who are keen to force companies to abandon encryption.

However the app created for Islamic State militants to send private encrypt messages does not exist. So without having to cut anyone’s head off, Islamic State has managed to cause the West to react with fear and in a way that will stuff up business security.

No one has found a copy of the Alrawi app and all the pictures show screenshots of an app which is basically a glorified RSS reader. Even the magazine Defense One which broke the story has not seen a copy.

The Daily Dot managed to get its paws on what was claimed to be the Alrawi encryption app but that did not have the ability to send or encrypt messages.

In fact those who looked at it said that it was based around MIT’s App Inventor, a plug-and-play tool meant primarily for kids. It contains a Bluetooth file transfer button which all smartphones have and that is about it.

No one has seen a version of Alrawi with encrypted communications, there is a jihadist website offering custom-built software where the Alrawi encrypted messaging app was found. The site is now dormant and was created by Al Qaeda, not IS.

Security researchers who closely follow the Islamic State’s online activity say that they haven’t seen the Alrawi app being discussed or shared in any of ISIS’s online channels.

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden said that nothing IS has shown demonstrates the ability to encrypt anything.