Pope purges Vatican of heretical iPad to help the poor

pope-francis-blesses-theOne of Pope Francis’s first moves after taking over the keys to the Vatican was to purge it of Apple gear and sell it off to raise money for the poor.

The Tame Apple Press has been making much of an auction of the Pope’s old iPad which recently sold  for $30,500. This implies that the fourth generation tablet had a high value and that Francis somehow blessed it.

“The Vatican is no stranger to using an iPad to communicate on social media. Back in 2011, the first tweet posted on the official Vatican account was sent via an Apple tablet,” enthused Digital Tends.

However it ignored the real story and the motivations the Pope Francis had for dumping the tablet.

The iPad tablet was originally a gift to Pope Francis, and was on a list of useless expensive things that the Pope got rid of when he took office. They were symbols of worthless trinkets which made him more distant from the poor he tries to represent.

For those who don’t know, Pope Francis often sneaks out of the Vatican at night dressed as a press to distribute money to the poor – a stance which sets him at odds with the hard consumerist stance pushed by the Apple Cargo cult.

When he took the job he auctioned off some of his personal belongings and a Harley Davidson motorcycle which he no longer needed.

The point was that Francis did not follow the consumerist dream backed by Apple and felt that the money would be better off in the hands of the poor.
Gonzalo Aemilius was given the iPad as a gift on the assumption that he did “something good with it.

Aemilius donated the tablet to the Francisco de Paysandu high school for the poor located 230 miles outside of Montevideo, where the iPad was put up for auction. Now the tablet has been sold, the proceeds will go to improving the school.

So rather that being a story of the value of an iPad, the story is about how much money is wasted on consumer gadgets which could be spent helping the poor. Sadly Pope Francis’s idea has been lost in amongst spin from the Tame Apple Press.