Phone can hack someone walking-by

lead_largeAn Israeli outfit has created a smartphone hacking gadget which can hack a phone just by standing close to it.

Rayzone has started selling something called InterApp that can use outdated mobile devices and intercepts and extracts information from nearby smartphones.

They have designed their phone for would-be James Bonds and coppers out there who want to stealthily collect information from the cloud using smartphone application vulnerabilities.

InterApp allows its operators to break into nearby smartphones that have their WiFi connection open, and then, use a diverse arsenal of security vulnerabilities, gain root permission on devices and exfiltrate information to a tactical server.

Of course it can can steal passwords and data from targeted smartphones

It can also find out the phone’s previous geographical locations and plot them on a map, IMEI details, MSISDN data, MAC address, device model, OS info, and personal information on the target, such as gender, age, address, education, and more.

Oh and the user has no clue they have been hacked and there is no trace that the device has been used.