People in a muddle over devices

Windows 10Market research company Gartner said that people are in a state of indecision on whether to replace current devices and that’s caused a decline in sales of PCs, tablets, ultramobiles and mobile phones of one percent this year.

Ranjit Atwal, a research director at Gartner said: “Users are extending the lifetime of their devices or deciding not to replace their devices at all.”

All the categories Garner surveyed show a decline in shipments except for mobile phones. And in that category, smartphone shipments will increase by 14 percent this year. India and Indonesia will show a growth of 43 percent this year, but mainland China will only grow by three percent.

Gartner believes that by 2017 mobile shipments will hit two billion, with smartphones representing 89 percent of the market.

The analysts believe that businesses won’t start adopting Windows 10 until 2017, when the PC market will show a four percent growth.

Tablet sales this year will fall by 13 percent compared to 2014, with 192 million units shipping. People aren’t replacing their devices. And 54 percent of the people surveyed don’t intend to buy new notebooks, but go for an alternative gizmo.

Atwal said that currency devaluation and price increases will mean businesses hold back from replacing notebooks.

People with tablets with screen sizes of seven to eight inches are not replacing their devices.