PC sales plummet

IBM PCSales of PCs continue to decline but this time it’s in the Middle East and Africa region, with shipments falling by 25.6 percent in the second quarter of this year.

IDC said that sales of desktops fell 21.2 percent but notebooks fared worse and fell by 28.6 percent to 1.9 million units.

Some of the region is troubled by conflict but that isn’t the reason for the decline. According to IDC, there was too much existing stock swilling around in the channel, exacerbated by a slowdown in demand and currency fluctuations.

Fouad Charakla, analyst research manager for the region, said that in the UAE, a slowdown in tourist spending from Russia and from Europe inhibited demand for PCs.

HP is the leader in the region but its shipments fell 26 percent in the second quarter. Lenovo, in second place, saw its shipments fall by 19 percent with Dell declining by 10.3 percent and Acer showed a decline of 29.3 percent and Asus falling by 26.7 percent.

Charakla said 2015 will be see region’s worst ever performance with low oil prices also affecting spends. Meanwhile, sales of tablets and smartphones are cannibalising demand for PCs.