Opera sings of VPN

opera460The desktop version of the Opera browser has just been given a free built-in VPN service, which will provide a major headache for those who have set up geo-restricted content gates.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) service allows users to hide their actual location for privacy and helps protect users from revealing what they are surfing when using free public Wi-Fi.

It will effectively knock out any attempt by the British government to stop the working classes seeing porn.

To make matters even better,  Opera’s integrated VPN will offer users unlimited data as well, which means there are no data caps to worry about that may be prevalent on similar free VPN services.

All this is happening as Netflix, have become more strict on blocking users from accessing content not in their region. While the primary aim of Opera’s VPN is to ensure its user’s privacy but it does boast of bypassing geo-restrictions as a feature.

Opera says that users should be able to watch HD content, though 1080p and above versions may encounter buffering. It will also be free.

However, the company declined to comment on whether the VPN service will work in China. The browser company will soon be sold to a Chinese consortium and use of VPN services are typically frowned upon behind the Great Firewall of China, with some services blocked from local access.