Online content causes online discontent

Adobe HQ - Wikimedia CommonsThe use of multiple screens and the accuracy of online content are considered sceptically by many people who view it daily.

Adobe said it had surveyed over 2,000 people and concluded that they use n average of six devices and look at an average of 12 sources of content.

Smartphones are now the most frequently used device by young people with 88 percent of people say they use an average of nearly three devices simultaneously.

Quite how they do that, Adobe did not say, but 40 percent think the deluge of information is distracting.

Over a third of young people value entertainment over accuracy, the Adobe survey said, but 60 percent wonder whether news articles or biased, whether photos have been altered, or whether people are paid to write positive reviews.

Over 70 percent will trust content from family members.

Seven out of 10 people will choose a beautifully designed over a plain page, 68 percent don’t like content to be too long, and 83 percent dislike pages where images take too long to load.