OLED already outclassed by lasers

pink-floyd-dark-side-of-the-moon-wallpaper-2LG might be a little miffed. After betting the farm on OLED it seems a boffin has come up with a much better technology.

Popular Science dubbed it one of the top breakthroughs of 2015, the world’s first white laser. Professor Cun-Zheng Ning has been working on the invention for nearly a decade.

Thing is that LEDs are limited on the number of colours they can generate. However lasers can represent any colours in a more accurate way.

What he had to do was grow a semiconductor on a nano scale. Ning’s semiconductor produces a red, blue, and green laser, that merge into a white laser.

He also demonstrated that a single piece of material can actually have laser actions simultaneously so that the overall light coming out is white.

Three lasers produce the white laser beam and producing more than 70 percent more colors. Each razor-thin laser would be just one pixel on a screen.

“That was really exciting when you put a laser TV side-by-side, with the best LCD or LED TV, and there’s no comparison, the kind of colour you see is immediately so vivid,” said Ning.

White laser could also be used to transmit data, it would improve communications speeds making them faster and more secure.