Ofcom addresses UK digital challenges

Ofcom logoComms regulator Ofcom said it has finished the first stage of its digital communications review and has outlined challenges the UK faces.

It published a discussion document today which covers investment, competition, education and regulation or deregulation.

Sharon White, Ofcom’s CEO said the organisation wanted to promote competition, investment and innovation “so that everyone benefits from even better coverage, choice, price and quality of service to come”.

White said 4G mobile broadband can now be had to 42 percent of premises from the four operators, while one has managed 90 percent availability.

On the other hand, superfast broadband is available to 80 percent of premises in the UK, with a range of providers.

But Ofcom believes that a broadband speed of 10Mbit/s is needed to use today’s online servers, but eight percent of UK householders can’t get those speeds, particularly in rural areas.

Ofcom is actively looking at how BT spinoff Openreach works and is considering how it might work better for both business and people at home. It will also investigate how companies like Virgin Media help or hinder the competitive arena.

Ofcom is now canvassing comment to its discussion document, with a deadline of the 8th of October next.