Network virtualisation “changes everything”

cashMarket research company IDC said that visualisation is seriously changing the way enterprise networks work.

IDC said that virtualised server infrastructure brings benefits to enterprises as well as a better “business experience”.

Elizabeth Rainge, VP at IDC, said: “Networking functions require a complex set of algorithms for sub-millisecond decisions and response times. However, the engine for making many of those decisions and executing them on the network is shifting from proprietary network processor hardware to the compute platforms that IT operations teams have been working on for many years.”

She said some of the benefits of this virtualisation shift is that networks can benefit from software as part of the infrastructure.

The use of network virtualisation helps enterprises to make new relationships between business, infrastructure and operations teams across the organisation.

And networking equipment has already started to migrate to commercial server platforms, she said.

No doubt, enterprises will also benefit because they won’t have to spend quite as much cash on their networks once they’re virtualised.