Netflix forces TV channel rethink

old-school-tvA survey from IHS said that the success of Netflix is prompting TV channels to totally re-think their strategy.

IHS said that outside of sports, Netflix outspent companies like ITV and Amazon – and in the case of both those channels that’s by a factor of two.

IHS research director Ted Hall said: “The traditional linear channel will be around for a long time to come,but it will become increasingly marginalised by a plethora of online services, from catch-up TV to TV Everywhere, pay TV channels’ streaming offerings and Youtube multi channel networks.”

The broadcasters want a piece of the online subscription cake.

IHS said that in 2019 Netflix will have over 100 million subscribers worldwide and between now and 2019 subscriptions will grow by 22 percent.

In Western Europe in particular, IHS said, Netflix will see “huge growth” with 10 million new subscribers.

IHS said the UK will be the biggest market in Europe for Netflix, with 7.1 million paying subscribers by 2018.