Museum calls for BBC Micro engineers

BBC MicroThe National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) is looking for people who can help revivie the BBC Micro.

The BBC Micro was a very popular PC in the UK back in the 1980s and many students and adults earned their stripes by playing and using with the machines. The machine was made by Acorn and had the backing of both the government of the day and the BBC. It had significantly more features than Acorn’s earlier machine, the Atom.

The TNMOC has created a classroom of the 1980s complete with BBC Micros which is popular with visitors.

It has about 80 machines in the ring, but wants to keep the machines up and running.

So it’s asking for volunteers that have the knowhow to make the eight bit machines keep humming and singing.

The TNMOC said that over the last year over 4,500 students visited its premises at Bletchley Park and used a BBC Micro.

It wants volunteers to join its refurbishment team – you can find details here.