Mozilla improves multi-process Firefox

Red-Panda-pik-2-10alwllThe big cheeses at the Mozzarella Foundation have expanded the use of multi-process Firefox so that it can run all extensions.

The outfit said that Firefox 51 will enabling multi-process fruit-powered Red Panda for users with extensions that are not explicitly marked as incompatible with the software.

Multi process architecture improves performance and minimises the impact of content process crashes. It also improves security sandboxing.

“Multi-process Firefox has been a big undertaking but it’s already bringing positive results to our users in terms of responsiveness, stability, and security. Stay tuned to this channel for further updates as new multi-process capabilities are developed, tested, and deployed to Firefox users the world over,” A spokes Red Panda said.

While you would think that this tech would give Firefox the edge, so to speak, it is actually catching up with other browsers which have had the tech for ages. Internet Explorer and Chrome both implemented it in 2009.

IT started looking at it but abandoned it until 2015 when it switched to a new extension system in 2015 that opened the door to a multi-process design.

In Firefox 50, a separate renderer process is used for most users and most extensions. Developers are now able to mark their extensions as explicitly multi-process compatible. Firefox 51 will extend this even further to cover all extensions, except those that are explicitly marked as incompatible.

Mozilla says that, even with the limited changes made in Firefox 50, responsiveness of the browser has improved by 400 percent due to the separation between the renderer and the browser shell. During page loads, responsiveness will increase to 700 percent.