Most of broadband is streaming video

old-school-tvA report from broadband services company Sandvine shows that 70 percent of the Web traffic is streaming video and audio.

The report shows that most internet use is during peak evening hours and indicates that the world wide wibble is no longer the thing that brings you websites and email and is now bringing video.

If you think this is obvious, Sandvine says that five years ago, video/audio represented 35 percent of prime-time usage. Now it has doubled, to 70 percent.

Most of the increase comes from YouTube and Netflix, which sucks up half of broadband usage a couple of years ago and continues to grow. These services are joined by relatively new entrants, like Amazon and Hulu, which barely registered a couple of years ago and now account for nearly six percent of usage.

Amazon’s PR agency pointed out that Amazon now represents one of the top three sources of video traffic in North America, up from number eight on Sandvine’s 2014 report.

Video and audio, primarily YouTube, dominate mobile usage, too. But Facebook and Snapchat are also big. Video and audio accounts for 41 percent of mobile traffic, and social media eats up 22 percent.