Microsoft’s HAL re-installs spyware

hal_9000_quotesSoftware giant Microsoft knows that you really do not want to stop its engineers from snooping on all your activities.

Sure, you might have turned them all off to stop Redmond finding out about all your porn watching, but Microsoft is aware that you did not really intend to do that. So, to help you out, Microsoft’s latest update has reset your PC so it tells Microsoft everything. Aren’t you lucky that Microsoft is watching out for you?

The Windows 10 November Update was introduced with much fanfare by Microsoft, as it brought a plethora of improvements to PCs and tablets across the world.

Dubbed Threshold 2, the update enabled the data collection features that users turned off with third-party apps, such as DisableWinTracking.

To be fair to Microsoft, it has not really done it deliberately. The November Update basically re-installs the full operating system from scratch.

The Windows 10 November Update also removed some apps that were installed on users’ computers, all because they weren’t fully compatible with the new version and could have led to system stability and reliability problems.

More cynical users are accusing Microsoft of silently re-enabling data collection services on their PCs for a dark sinister reason. It is probably a cunning plan involving Obama, gun rights and mysterious vapor tails from aircraft. That is a much better idea than a Microsoft stuff up.