Microsoft relies on Wikipedia and loses Melbourne

Surprised-KoalaMicrosoft’s Bing made the grave mistake on relying on data collected by Wikipedia for its mapping software and lost Melbourne.

While Melbourne might not be the nicest it place to live, there were a fair few who felt that Bing Maps moving it to the wrong hemisphere was not exactly fair dinkum.

Apparently Vole made the mistake when it collected the data. Ricky Brundritt, a senior program manager at Bing Maps, said that the outfit does not normally rely that much on Wackypedia, but sometimes it uses it.

Unfortunately, in this case the Wackypedia entry for Melbourne was designed by the same fake penis experts and geniuses that decided that Mike Magee, the Everywhere Girl, and Fudzilla did not exist. They put in the wrong map references.

However, to be fair to the fake penis expert editors they did fix the co-ordinates in February 2012, so Bing has been getting it wrong since then. Suddenly Apple Maps, which used to send Australians to the desert to die, is looking a bit more reliable.