Microsoft opens its Chakra


chakra lightsSoftware giant Microsoft has open sourced its Chakra JavaScript engine it’s been working on since 2008.

The release will cover the “self-contained” parts of the code, and will hit the Web as ChakraCore, with support from Intel, AMD and NodeSource.

As a self-contained project, the core will include everything needed to “parse, interpret, compile and execute JavaScript code without any dependencies on Microsoft Edge internals”, Microsoft says.

Redmond’s announcement, made by Gaurav Seth says a GitHub repository will be posted next month.

According to the Vole Blog, Chakra architecture’s multi-tiered pipeline that supports an interpreter, and a multi-tiered background JIT compiler. There is a  traditional mark and sweep garbage collector that can do concurrent and partial collections deliver performance and scalability from “cloud services to the Internet of Things”.

The ChakraCore VM can work with NoSQL databases, productivity software and game engines, they write, and supports Node.js to extend its reach.

Vole has abandoned Chakra’s private bindings to the browser and to the Universal Windows Platform. It also rewrote the old COM-based diagnostic APIs, providing diagnostics which are “platform agnostic and could be standardised or made interoperable across different implementations”.

The initial open source ChakraCore is Windows-only, Vole wants developers to help get ChakraCore on other platforms.