Microsoft makes a Chinese Windows 10

cimg3254Microsoft has made the Chinese government its own version of Windows 10.

Dubbed Windows 10 Zhuangongban, or “Windows 10 Specially-provided Edition” – Vole has already completed the first version of the specialised Windows 10.

Microsoft announced the deal and its intention to develop the China-specific software in December and Vole is not the only government focused OS on the Chinese market.

The Zhuangongban features fewer of Microsoft’s consumer-targeted apps and services, while including more management and security controls. So in other words it does not phone home to Microsoft as much as the western version does either.

Microsft said the Chinese version has the ability to run any Windows-compatible programs, but is not saying if there are any other differences.

China’s government has itself been developing NeoKylin, a partially Chinese developed Linux fork, but this new move might indicate that China needs a broaders support of software – particularly in its state-owned enterprises, which need to be able to use industry standard software tools.