Microsoft gets scared by Oracle

IBM logoIt’s an interesting idea that Microsoft might buy Salesforce.

But, as they say in French, plus ca change – they’ve dropped the cedilla in French – we have heard it all before.

Microsoft has been terrified by German combine SAP since the early 1990s – none of us understood that then. But the arrival on the scene of IBM striking deals not only with SAP, Facebook and Apple must strike fear into enterprises worldwide. I mean the enterprises that have foolishly believed Microsoft had a clue.

It has been a while since IBM had hegemony over operating systems – surely the eldest of us must remember how Big Blue with its so famous AS/400 “platform” tried to drown out the rise and rise of Intel, and for that matter, Sun Microsystems.

If there is an antitrust organisation that isn’t being controlled by lobbyists in Washington DC, surely they must intervene – and right now.

The fact is the laissez faire attitude to American corporations merging is greeted with quite understandable caution in the rest of the Free World.

Europe, for example, doesn’t want to see Google being a hegemony. Asia just looks at the potential hegemony and sniggers.

The 20th century was dominated by American tech companies.

In the 21st century, Africa will dominate and doesn’t give the throw of a dice about the machinations of American corporations.