Microsoft forces updates on home users

windows-10-start-menu-customised-live-tilesSoftware king of the world Microsoft has had enough of people not updating their home computers.

Now on Windows 10 it is forcing updates on them whether they want them or not.

The company has confirmed that comsumer users of Windows 10 will have to agree to receive system updates automatically as part of the terms and conditions.

Automatic updating was the default behaviour in past versions of Windows, but now the updates will just happen in the background. Business users and IT departments will still have the option of disabling that.

Microsoft is clearly trying to work out a way to avoid Windows XP ever happening again, where no one upgraded anything for a decade. Microsoft tried to end support for the now-ancient operating system but had to push the date back because there were still so many instances of XP running.

Upgrades to Windows 8 have been sluggish. In fact, most Windows users are still on Windows 7, although that is mostly because Windows 8 was so rubbish.

Microsoft hasn’t mentioned if the update scheme will be improved at all in Windows 10. One of the reasons everyone shut off automatic updates is that they get hacked off having to restart when they are in the middle of doing something more important.

If Microsoft starts forcing everyone to restart constantly with no way to opt out, it might have some cross punters on its hands, particularly if the updates break a few computers like they have in the past.