Microsoft cleared of patent infringement

steve-ballmer-tongue-540x334Software King of the World Microsoft has been cleared of patent infringement for its much underused mobile software.The case dates back to 2007 when InterDigital claimed Microsoft infringed its patents, and called for a ban on the import of handsets.

InterDigital has been battling in court for eight years, initially trying to claim royalties on phones made by Nokia, now transferred to Microsoft.

However the International Trade Commission, as well as blocking the call for an import ban, stated that Microsoft did not infringe patents relating to the way mobiles make calls. Vole is off scot-free.

InterDigital CEO William J. Merritt was clearly disappointed. He said that it would have a limited impact on his business, “given the decline of the Nokia mobile device business under Microsoft’s control and its limited market position.”

Ohhhh get her.

Vole on the other hand was rather pleased said: “We’re grateful the Commission stopped InterDigital from trying to block our products. We’ll continue to pursue our separate suit addressing InterDigital’s unlawful conduct and abusive patent licensing scheme.”

Now Microsoft has its work cut out convincing the world that Windows 10 on mobile is a good idea.