Microsoft builds a new AI unit

mybrainhurtsSoftware King of the world, Microsoft has said that it has created a new artificial intelligence unit.

Vole is apparently diving into artificial intelligence (AI)and machine learning research world head first rather than dipping its toes in the water first.

Microsoft teamed up with four other big technology companies  including Amazon, Google, Facebook and IBM – to create a non-profit organisation to advance public understanding of AI technologies.

Vole’s new unit — Microsoft AI and Research Group — will be headed by Harry Shum, a company veteran who has held senior roles at the Microsoft Research and Bing engineering divisions.

“Microsoft has been working in artificial intelligence since the beginning of Microsoft Research, and yet we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible,” Shum said in a statement.

Chief Executive Satya Nadella has previously said the company’s $26.2 billion deal for LinkedIn Corp is expected to help bolster its efforts in analytics, machine learning and AI.

Microsoft has also been acquiring companies to expand its AI tech. The company in February acquired SwiftKey, a maker of predictive keyboard app. And last month it bought Genee, an AI-based scheduling service.