Microsoft abusing update power

Windows 10Software giant Microsoft seems to be going out of its way to stop people actually enjoying its Windows 10 product by messsing with their heads.

Lets be clear, Windows 10 is generally a good OS and if it were not for Microsoft playing silly buggers all the time it probably would be a great product.  But it is fast reaching the point that everytime Vole releases an update you wonder what part of your computer is going to do something stupid.

Last week, for no good reason if you had Chrome as the default browser on your Windows 10 computer, a Microsoft update hijacked and set Edge as your new default. The same goes for any PDF viewer: A forced cumulative update also reset PDF viewing to Edge on many PCs.

The default photo app was reset Windows Photos ap, same for Music and Video. Vole changed the lot to Microsoft Party apps during last week’s forced cumulative update KB 3135173 .

Post pjfarr on Windows TenForums says:

My PC updated Windows 10 yesterday afternoon (“Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems KB3135173)”. After rebooting, it completely screwed all my custom file associations (mostly for media files: photos, audio, and video). A few minutes after the reboot, the Action Center started firing popups at me, one after the other, every few seconds:

“An app default was reset. An app caused a problem with the default setting for .avi files so it was reset to Films & TV.” with a different file extension for each popup (avi, bmp, mp4, and so on) . Even .pdf files were changed from Adobe Reader to Microsoft Edge. As well, all my custom context menu items for these same file types were also deleted. I spent a lot of time setting these associations up and now they were all obliterated. I’d backed them all up in a .reg file but running it didn’t do anything. So with a heavy (and angry) sigh I started manually changing the associations back to the way I had them. However, each time I finished making a change within seconds the Action Center would fire the same message as before at me for the file type I’d just changed and it would be reset back to the MS default again.

Finally in exasperation, I just used System Restore to go back before the updates and that solved the problem. Now, the Action Center keeps nagging me to set a time to reinstall this same update. I know I can’t block it indefinitely, and there are probably important security patches in it I should have. So the question is: How can I stop it from f’ing up my file associations again?

Currently the Italian goddess is calling for blood after Microsoft keeps trying to update her Windows computer to Windows 10.  We are not really sure what Vole’s PR department is smoking, but it is the single most bizarre strategy we have seen from a tech company to hamstring its own product.