Michael Dell sees more PC consolidation

Dell logoThe CEO and founder of Dell said that he sees consolidation in the PC market in the next couple of years.

Dell is third in the global PC market with 14.5 percent market share, with HP at number one and Chinese firm Lenovo at number two.

Talking to journalists in Bengaluru, India, Michael Dell told Reuters that the three top firms will have around 80 percent of the market in the next five years.

Despite the fact that the PC market is shrinking, Dell is doing pretty well, Dell said because the company now just doesn’t focus on selling PCs but also software and security for enterprise customers.

Dell told the journalists that his firm has outgrown the other two chief rivals in terms of notebook sale and has grown its share 10 quarters in a row.

Last week the founder of Taiwanese PC maker Acer said that any takeover of his firm would face a hostile reaction from the company.  Acer barely scraped a profit in its last set of financial results.

Dell, now a private company, has no intention of releasing any kind of smartphone, he said.