LTE growth puts pressure on back end

MarconiAdoption of LTE 4G across the world grew threefold since 2013 to stand at 628 million.

But that’s putting pressure on so-called backhaul networks because of the proliferation of tablets, smartphones and bandwidth intensive applications.

The infrastructure is creaking at the seams, according to a report from ABI Research.

Jake Saunders, a VP at ABI said many countries are looking at allocating existing spectra to cope with mobile backhaul, as it’s called. Regulators are either consulting with telco operators to plan for the future.

Saunders said that microwave spectrum bands are the most widely usedd and will continue to be important, thinks ABI.

But spectrum bands in the sub 20GHz spectrum are beginning to show congestion, so operators are considering the V-band (60GHz) and the E-band (70/80GHz). A combination of fibre optic and MMW are likely to be half of total backhaul links by 2019.