Linus has no glorious ten year plan

torvaldsnvidia-640x424The inventor of Linux, and IT’s Mr Sweary, has said that he had no glorious ten year plan for where the operating system should go.

According to eWeek  Linus Torvalds said that he doesn’t look all that far into the future.

He said he was a plodding, pedestrian person and looks only about six months ahead. Torvalds said he only looks at the current release and the next one, as he didn’t think planning 10 years ahead was sane.

Torvalds said that if he went back a decade, there is no way he could have planned what has happened and landed in Linux today. While Torvalds himself isn’t looking 10 years into the future, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a vision for Linux.

With open source, you have companies that are trying to make the next 10 years happen, so those companies can push their own agenda in Linux. They know what they need for the next 10 years, so even if Torvalds was not forward-thinking, the whole process encourages forward-thinking behaviour, he said.

Linux faced all sorts of security problems including the Heartbleed and Shellshock flaws.

Torvalds said he’s sometimes at odds with the security community. In his view, many in the security community only see issues as black and white.
He said that the majority of security problems were just software bugs, mostly pretty stupid ones.

People would not have thought of these bugs as security issues normally, until some clever person took advantage of it.

It is impossible to ever entirely be rid of bugs in software and that some bugs will, in fact, be security issues. Given that bugs are inevitable, Torvalds said that security will never be perfect in Linux.