Linaro launches cloud for Arm developers

cloudLinaro has launched a cloud service aimed at ARM developers.

The plan is to help develop hardware and software for ARM-based devices, and they are making available the service for developers looking to write and test server applications.

Developers’ that use the service will have remote access to bare-metal ARM servers — including Qualcomm’s upcoming 24-core server chip. The cloud service will also feature ARM-based server chips from AMD, Cavium and Huawei and is intended to be a cheap and an easy way for developers to test a wide range of ARM 64-bit server hardware platforms.

Qualcomm got into the ARM server market late and its rivals have had 64-bit server processors since 2013. To date, Qualcomm has only supplied test versions of its server chips to unspecified top-tier cloud players, and has stated consistently it would only enter the market when it was viable.

But there is a bit of interest in Qualcomm entering the ARM server market as a counterpoint to Intel x86.  Qualcomm is big enough to give ARM server chips a kick-start.

George Grey, CEO of Linaro, said during a speech at the Linaro Connect conference in Bangkok this week, that the Linaro’s cloud service will be available through servers deployed in Cambridge, U.K., and Austin, Texas. It will be launched in China in the second or third quarter.