Let’s face it, you’re in it

Human faceA market research company estimates that facial recognition devices and licences will grow to over 122.8 million by 2024 – an almost 10 fold rise to 2015’s 28.5 million.

Tactica said that the biggest use for facial recognition is mobile phones recognising you. But while that application promises big volumes, the unit price is small.

The other big sector is governmental – whether it’s defence, law enforcement or border controls. There’s also a move to profiling people with specific digital signage.

But even though the numbers are there, Tactica said that it faces stiff competition from other methods of authentication, including fingerprints, voice, speech, and eye.

Revenues for facial recognition are likely to be worth $882 million by 2024.

Tactica said that the more expensive infrared facial thermography is more reliable and could well be used by border controls and by banks.