Lenovo shakes off Big Blue image with new logo

everywhereWhile it might have got to the top on the back of its Big Blue purchases. Chinese outfit Lenovo is fed up with its dull image.

It brought out dance club music, a Chinese movie actress, and a retired NBA player at a company event that hailed Lenovo’s new logo and said that users need something a little cooler.

CEO Yang Yuanqing told the Beijing event that Lenovo devices need to be more capable, fashionable, and they need to have personality.

This is a little shocking when you consider that the Thinkpad image is legendary for belonging to faceless business clones filling out Excel spreadsheets on the 7.30am train to Paddington. In fact the company buyers actually invested in Lenovo gear precisely for that faceless, but reliable quality.

Lenovo wants to hang around with the cool kids and it is going to target consumers. It has hired Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher as a product engineer after all he played Steve Jobs in a movie so knows exactly how to draw a rounded rectangle.

It has unveiled a redesigned logo that’s colourful and has lettering more suitable for Internet marketing.  It is apparently designed so partners can change the background.

David Roman, Lenovo’s chief marketing officer, said the world has changed. Now consumers drive the market, and buy tech products that they then bring to work. This influences which IT brands companies end up buying.

On Thursday, Lenovo held a major event in Beijing, called Tech World, to usher in a new age for the company. It invited journalists from across the globe, and showed off concept product innovations, including a dual-screen smartwatch, and a smartphone fitted with a projector.