Lenovo number one tablet vendor in central Europe

tabletWhile Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is showing signs of tablet saturation, the market dynamics differ from Western Europe and the USA markedly.

IDC released figures which showed tablet shipments in the region fell by 21.4 percent in the second quarter of 2015, and 2-in-1 devices fell even more precipitously by 38.6 percent.

Average selling prices also fell in the quarter by 21.9 percent.

Lenovo, however, had a market share of 16.8 percent, followed by Samsung with 15.9 percent share. Apple, however, saw its figures fall to five percent, partly because of the market conditions in Russia and the strength of the US dollar.

Fourth in the pecking order was Asus, with 3.9 percent share, and lastly relatively unknown firm Digma, which specialises in selling inexpensive devices with screen sizes smaller than nine inches.

Jiri Tersel, senior analyst at IDC, said: “Tough competition among vendors, steadily declining prices, and efficient mass production, all contribute to a deflationary market. Consumers benefit from new technologies that offer new options for work, education and leisure.”

Here’s the CEE picture for the quarter.

Tablet market share Q2 2015, CEE region