Lenovo claims first for Windows 10

windows-10-start-menu-customised-live-tilesChinese manufacturer Lenovo said it is ready to immediately ship a number of products pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows 10.

It also said it is ready to upgrade Lenovo Windows 7 SP1 and 8.1 devices to Windows 10.

It claims it’s shipping product with its own aps including the Companion 3.0 optimisation tool, Lenovo settings that senses attached devices, and Lenovo ReachIt and Cortana natural language and contextual search tool later on this year.

Lenovo said it will roll out desktops, laptops and tablets that use Windows 10.

The company said that the optimisation tool keeps machines running at their best performance.

Lenovo did not detail all of the devices its shipping in two days time. I expect we’ll have to wait for two days to find out what they are.