Large LCD monitors have their day

Samsung LCDMonitors 23 inches or more in size are showing strong signs of growth in this quarter.

According to a report from Trendforce, sales rose globally by around 40 percent in the third quarter, due to demand.

And while this segment accounted for just under seven percent of worldwide shipments this time last year, the figures are steadily moving upward.

Display panel manufacturers are making more large size monitors and this means there’s plenty of supply of panels at prices buyers like.

And it’s not just large size monitors that are showing growth. Trendforce said over a million curved screen monitors will ship this year – largely in the 23.6 inch segment and above.

Samsung is the leader in the market and it’s estimated that its sales will account for as much as 85 percent in the third quarter. It has the lead in manufacturing know how, the analysts said.