Kids of today have a short attention spa…..

cloudMicrosoft’s Redmond boffins have been adding up some numbers and dividing by their shoe size and reached the conclusion that electronics have created brains which have a shorter attention span.

It recently published a study (conducted using both surveys and EEG scans) suggesting that the average attention span has fallen since the start of the century.

When I was a lad, people could focus on a task for 12 seconds. That figure dropped to 8 seconds in 2013.

The Volish boffins think that a combination of smartphones and an avalanche of content is frying our minds. The kids of today are compulsively checking their phones, with all this social networking it makes it all too easy to find diversions.

Microsoft’s report said that while tech is hurting attention spans overall, it also appears to improve your abilities to both multitask and concentrate in short bursts.  In other words you might have the attention span of a gnat but you get more done while you are focused.

You can do a better job of committing useful things to memory. Microsoft said there are limits as he or she who is a heavy user of social networking can’t even manage that.