Julian Assange gets paranoid about Harrods

Mohamed+Al+Fayed+Mohammed+Al+Fayed+Gives+Evidence+F8ymLHkaD8glWikileaks’ Julian Assange, who will not face a Swedish sex charge inquiry because he thinks it is all a  CIA plot, now thinks the dark forces of Mohamed Abdel Moneim Al-Fayed have joined in.

Al-Fayed who is a big supporter of the monarchy, and particularly Prince Phillip, has apparently been involved in a plot to spy on Assange and all his doings.

Al-Fayed owns Harrods which is just across the road from Assange who has placed himself under house arrest in the Ecuadorean embassy secretly helping police to spy on him in his embassy hideout.

In an interview, Assange claimed that Scotland Yard had developed a ‘relationship’ with Harrods, adding: ‘We have obtained documents from Harrods [saying that] police have people stationed 24 hours a day in some of the opposing buildings Harrods controls.’

The 44-year-old, who also fears he is being bugged, has lived at the embassy in London’s Knightsbridge since Ecuador gave him asylum in 2012.

The British Government wants to extradite him to Sweden under a European Arrest Warrant where he faces questioning over an allegation of rape made by a woman he met during a visit to the country in 2010.

Assange is still insisting that if he is sent to Sweden he will be extradited to the US, where he could face 35 years in prison for publishing classified documents related to US activities in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Unfortunately that boat sailed a long time ago and if the US wanted to extradite him the UK would have happily have packed him off years ago.

So far it has cost the UK £11 million to keep an eye on Assange’s to stop him sneaking out. Assange also told The Times magazine about his fears that he could be ‘droned’ by the CIA if he is ever free.