It’s a big thumbs down for Windows 10

Macbook AirThe recent launch of Windows 10 is unlikely to bring the surge that PC manufacturers were hoping and praying for.

That’s according to data from ABI Research which said total system shopments for laptops will hit 165 million units in 2015.

And that’s essentially a flat forecast.

Even if the free upgrade to Windows 10 is taken up by plenty of people, they’re likely to use their current PC, said ABI.

ABI segments notebook PCs into netbooks, laptops, Chromebooks, and ultraportable PCs.

Jeff Orr, research director at ABI, said: “Segment growth is occurring in Chromebooks, much in part due to purchases by schools. Growth for 2015 is also in ultraportable PCs where thin and light designs are looking to tackle more mobile use cases by reversing the display panel flat like a tablet or having the screen separate entirely.”

Orr is predicting that Chromebook shipments will grow by 35 percent during this year.

On the ultraportable front, he said Apple’s Macbook Air is the clear leader, although Lenovo and Dell are narrowing the gap.

Laptops will decline by about seven percent during the year.