Italians waste money in anti-terror PS4 campaign

115926079-ac4de3c4-ef93-4f7b-aae9-061e6c008206Idioti in the Italian government are wasting 150 million euro the country has not got on a monitoring Playstation 4 games.

Someone has told Italian Minister of Justice Andrea Orlando that the Islamic State used the Playstation 4 chat to set up the recent attacks on Paris and he believed them.

He wants the cash spent on new equipment and techniques to monitor encrypted communications so they can watch gamers play games and look for hidden messages.

Orlando is also looking at ‘new instruments’ of electronic surveillance which if his PS4 plan is anything to go by might involve a banjo and a set of tarot cards.

Talking to Il Messaggero he said that he wants to set up ‘cultural mediators’ in prisons, “to prevent these forms of radicalisation that have developed in other countries.” So basically this person would asking prisoners “have you been radicalised yet?” Yeah that should stop them in their tracks.

Orlando is capitalising on Paris to publicise his cunning plan in much the same way that David Cameron did when he announced the addition of 1,900 staff to GCHQ in the wake of Paris.

Where Orlando differs is that Cameron has the money and the 150 million euro a year Orlando has to spend on reinforcing IT systems is next to nothing.

Orlando said: “The net offers numerous opportunities for communication.

“Antiterrorism investigations have highlighted the use of the PlayStation. Because of this every method of communication will be monitored with new instruments.”

However someone might have to actually tell the Minister that the Playstation was not used by the Paris terrorists and the idea appears to be the creation of a journalist’s overactive imagination.

The comments were based on the fact that three days prior to the attacks Belgium’s deputy prime minister Jan Jambon had said in a debate that the thought of ISIS and “hate preachers” passing messages via the PS network “keeps me awake at night.”

However it never happened, and the Italians would not be wasting the money if Jambon had decided to have a nice warm milk before going to bed.