IT journalist pioneer cheats death

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 07.39.27One of the most pre-eminent IT journalists of the 21st century has escaped death by a whisker.

Tom Foremski, who worked for the Financial Times before striking out on his own at Silicon Valley Watcher, was attacked by a gang of thugs armed with machetes in San Francisco three weeks ago.

He was hospitalised for three weeks but returns to work this week, reliable sources have confirmed.

The machete attack – reported here – left him with a punctured lung and his life hung in the balance for a while.

Reliable sources told TechEye that after being attacked with a machete, Foremski managed to deck one of the crazies with his left fist.

It is not the first time Foremski has cheated the great leveller, called in the Tibetan and Indian traditions Mahakala, or “Great Time”.

We’re happy to add that Tom has made a good recovery and is now back at work.