Irish company sues Apple

Apple WatchA software development firms is taking legal action against Apple because it believes it has appropriated its trade mark name iWatch.

Even though Apple doesn’t market its smart watch as the iWatch, Probendi is alleging that it’s bought into Google so that if anyone does a search on the term, it brings up adverts for the Apple watch.

According to Bloomberg, which has seen the court documents, Probendi filed suit against Apple in Milan on June the 26th.

It alleges Apple “systematically used iWatch” on the Google search engine to point people to its own website.

Intel tried to trademark the letter “i” many years ago but failed.

Probendi told Bloomberg that it had warned Apple against using the term iWatch. It is, apparently, working on a smart watch that would be cheaper than Apple’s and run Android.

Three years ago, Apple shelled out $60 million to a Chinese firm for using the term iPad.