IoT is a security nightmare

John_Henry_Fuseli_-_The_NightmareCompanies making gear for the Internet of Things (IoT) are not installing basic security and are turning the whole thing into a technology nightmare.

Former RSA CTO Deepak Taneja’s told a TIE Startup Con panel in Cambridge that the Internet of Things security was a “time bomb ready to explode.”

He said that technology was advancing too fast for enterprises to secure internal and cloud resources. The IoT makes things nearly impossible.

“Organisations aren’t spending that much on security. It’s increasing, but it’s not enough and IoT only makes it worse…so it is a time bomb,” Taneja said.“

He did not think that money will be spent on IoT security until the first serious breaches occur.

The biggest problem is that even if IoT device makers are thinking about security now, a problem is that no one really understands yet what’s needed security-wise. The security industry we haven’t come up with attack models yet..

There is the small matter of using IoT gear to take personal data from users – which will ultimately lead to regulations.

Taneja says the emergence of such regulations may not faze most people into saying no. They will be like the many who can’t be bothered to read the big and arcane legal agreements they’re peppered with every time they sign up for a new web service.