Internet of things won’t be an easy journey

internet of thingsMarket research company IDC said it has come up with a framework to help enterprises shift their businesses to the internet of things (IoT) craze.

But, analysts have warned, moving to the IoT will be a “difficult, multi staged journey”.

Most organisations will have to adapt their current organisational skills to move to the IoT.

The point is that while the IoT will help organisations to “re-invent” their businesses, there needs to be close collaboration between business and technology executives before enterprises jump in feet first.

Vernon Turner, IDC senior vide president, said that enterprises need to have a road map to implement IoT enabled systems.

“The IoT is enabling organisations to re-invent how they engage with their customers, helping them to accelerate the speed at which they deliver their products and services, and effectively re-inventing industry processes,” said IDC.