Internet of things brings security challenges

Bee swarm - Wikimedia CommonsEnterprises have started to sit up and take notice of the security challenges surrounding the internet of things web.

But, according to a report from Gartner, only 20 percent of enterprises will have digital security services protecting devices and services.

Gartner said that the IoT means new platforms and services means enterprises need to consider their responsibilities and include the emerging technology as a factor in their business strategies and planning.

In many ways, enterprises need to consider the internet of things in a similar way that they’ve considered bring your own device and cloud computing, but the scale is much bigger.

Gartner points out that internet of thing devices will lock into a hybrid of old and new technology structures and the need to secure the IoT will be complicated. Security officers at enterprises need to remember that the principles of security for data, applications, networks, and hardware are applicable to the new world where every physical thing is connected too.