Intel sees Windows as its blue eyed boy

IntelChip giant Intel is set to dump Android as its primary focus and instead hopes Windows tablets will make the grade in the future.

Intel has spent hundreds of millions of pounds aiming to be a player in the tablet and smartphone markets but so far has seen little for the money it’s spent.

Digitimes Research believes that Intel will more or less dump Android and drop its subsidy for tablets using the OS and incorporating its own microprocessors.

But that is a gamble that could well be based on over-inflated estimates for the success of Windows 10, which starts to ship at the end of this month.

In a separate report, the Digitimes wire said that Microsoft is unlikely to make headway in the smartphone market or the tablet market.

Instead, Windows 10 is likely to be the choice for people using traditional notebook designs.

However, as we reported elsewhere today, shipments of notebook PCs are in decline and it’s by no means certain that Windows 10 will boost sales by a significant amount. Commercial organisations, in any case, prefer not to go for a new iteration of a Windows operating system until all the bugs have been ironed out.