Intel has designs on your face

IntelChip giant Intel has a long standing culture of trying to understand its employees’ motivations and geeing them up to work even harder than they all undoubtedly do.

But, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the semiconductor firm is going beyond the techniques it practices on its staff by weirding them out with 3D technology.

The WSJ talked to Intel’s chief information officer, Kim Stevenson, who revealed what human resource people have up their corporate sleeves.

She said Intel, inside, is using 3D “depth sensing” tech to find out what’s on employees’ minds.

She told the WSJ that Intel software engineers are creating algorithms which will sense whether people are frowning or looking blank – and if the software thinks you’re shirking or not getting it, by looking at peoples’ expressions in 3D detail, it takes a different turn by probing whether you’ve understood the training or not.

All a bit spooky, we think.